Diary of Jeremiah White Graves, Volume 2, Book 9

February 10, 1853 - February 24, 1853

February 10, 1853 - February 24, 1853

1853 Febr 10 Henry Jordan & Sandy Plowing Jacob malling malissa Picking [G?] Kitty fencing alse shelling corn fine weather,

11th Fencing Plowing malling & Halling wood, sent for my new wagon body Sent 2 Large cow skins & 1 kip skin to Mr E Lewis to carry to Doss s Tanyard to Tan at Green field, & we have also 2 large skin cow sent to Jefferson & Reeses Leesville

12 Malling & cutting wood to burn Plant Bed Plowing & Haling wood – fine weather

13 Fine day windy in evening & cooler

14th malling Fencing & Plowing this day quite cool this day —

15. my wife gone to Mrs Hunts to night Burnt & sewed Plant Bed above House & got done by night Jordan & sandy Plowing Raining at night a little & Hailing,

16 Striping tobacco in prize Barn Raining,-

17th Jacob & Lowry halling wood for Mr Neal Henry Fed & Sandy malling Balance fencing around Johns field, cleared off & fine morning not very cold,- my wife not got back yet —

18th Jacob & Fed malling 3 Plows running. Balance fencing, cloudy & like for falling weather I went to Capt Gilberts.-

19th Striping Tobacco in prize Barn Rained in morning & then Snowing till night disperate day very cold, indeed no wood

20th cleared off & fine morning –

21st went CH & striped Tobacco —

22nd Jacob gone to Farris Mill 2 Bus wheat forflour Balance all Halling leaves cloudy & like for Rain began to Rain about night & Rained all night

23rd Striped Tobacco in prize Barn etc etc

24th Fencing & malling alse Swingling flax very cold & windy —

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February 24, 1853 - March 2, 1853

February 24, 1853 - March 2, 1853

1853 Feby 24th Sent Henry to Farris s mill with 16 Bushels Corn for meal, got back at night I went to Mrs McCullocks & to Farris s mill myself & had blind Turkey Knocked out his Hest[ers] & celams mouth - went by mount airy & got 11 lbs Bro sugar @ 11¢ 4 lbs Do @ 6¢, Knife ⅙ 1 Bottle or vial Mr Mustang, ⅙ 1 tooth Brush 1 /- in all $2.21

25th Began on the meal from Farris s mill this morning 26th some cutting Halling wood. Malling 26 Some cutting for wood malling & Plowing Put up part of our new ground fences Sewed all our plant Beds over except the last we Burnt., cloudy & like for Rain.

27th Rained a little – cleared of[f] in evening

28 Saml Fitzgerald came to Survey Land where Mr Crews Lives with Mr Jno J Corbin only come out 277 acres in all, 138½ for me & same for E. Fitzgerald. Rained a little, Our folks Striping Tobacco & prizing Hhd Lugs. –

March 1st mr Corbin divided Land & we choped the Line,- Still striping Tobacco & prizing Lugs. Halled Tobacco from Mountain Barn to Overseers House to be striped very windy & cool this evening –

March 2nd My Son Jerry starts to school to Mr Boswell, we are cleaning out Granary this morning putting chaff in pen halling corn to Little corn House etc etc, Halling wood malling. Swingling flax. & cleaning out my stable - Tolerable good weather prizing Hhd Lugs, put Jacobs Lugs in Hhd 957 lbs but for a flour Bbl I givepay him for 100 lbs what I get in Lynchg —

5 we have striped Tobacco one or Two days this week plowed some malled cut stacks to sew oats & to day & yesterday we cut down Pines for a Barn, prize Barn, quite cool

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March 6, 1853 - March 16, 1853

March 6, 1853 - March 16, 1853

1853 March 6th On Friday last it snowed Smartly till 10 Oclock we were striping Tobacco We have had only 3 Small Snows this winter no Lambs or calves yet – still very cold Jacob & Cate gone to Rices to day Halled wood yesterday ½ day – —

7 Plowing till 12 Oclock then trod out oats cutting down stacks malling & cutting wood in new ground - fine weather — Sent alse to Shop with Plow —

8 Treading out 2 stacks oats more to day Plowed this morning making new ground fence & malling wood & Rails like for Rain weather moderate

9th Halled Rails around Corn field fence finished new ground fence & sent to shop

10th upset fair part of fence next to Mr E. Lewis malled Piled wood etc Began to sew Oats, sewed nearly 5 Bus. Cate & myself went to Mrs Thompsons Henry & Fed sawed shingles Blocks Prizing Hhd Lugs this day etc —

11th Rained this morning put manure on Plant Bed above House prizing Lugs got Hhd about full, striping Tobacco Rolled some of our Logs this evening 5 Heaps the other side of Johns Branch,- cleared off

12th Turned Out Hhd Lugs Sewed Oats Halled wood Run fence at Tobacco Lot, cut stalks & Raked Some fine day – – –

13 Went to meeting at S. Stone fine day

14th Sewed Oats malled & Cut Corn Stalks etc

15 Sent Henry to D Millers to Roll Logs Sewing Oats, & working in Garden Planted onions Potatoes & Peas, etc -

16 Halled wood Plowing for oats etc Set up Hoghd to day upsetting Tobacco Lot fence fine weather Fanny while here

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March 17, 1853 - March 27, 1853

March 17, 1853 - March 27, 1853

1853 March 17th Raining this morning & we are Striping Tobacco. Rained nearly all day

1853 18th Mar. Piling manure Halling up fodder from I went to Mrs McCullocks to day fresh ground & put up stackfodder at House Cutting Hhd Heading etc I went to Mrs McC

19th Rolled Logs & in evening bushed in that was sewed Oats Fannie White been here this week fine weather Sallie gone with her home —

20 cloudy & like for Rain my wife to gone to Harmony Grove meeting to day etc

21st I went to Court to settled land matter with Saml Fitzgerald & he failed to have the Deed ready the Land was survey by Jameson Corbin County Sur =veyor FWF! is dissatisfied because it don't hold out & Posponed making the Deed to us till he could have it calculated over by sombody else before I change Mr Corbin will have to tell me he has made an error & show me where & how etc etc Our folds striped Tobacco yesterday in new ground Barn — cloudy & like for fain morning this

22 Burning Log Heaps Halling wood & Plowing. Sook one of Our cows Died last night expect to sew Oats to day ——————

23rd Sewed Oats. Burning Log Heaps cutting wood cool & windy this day —

24th Sewing Oats, malling Rails & new ground wood in clear & fair weather - put Bells on cows

25. Halling rails out new ground round Corn field etc Lot - & get wood out of new ground shrubing corn field fine weather

26. Halled up Oats to tread to Sew & sewed Some Plowed for Oats Rained in evening manured Plant Beds at home & on the mountain Cut Hoop Poles

27 clear fine morning I am going to Strait Stone balance to St. Andrews

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March 26, 1853 - April 3, 1853

March 26, 1853 - April 3, 1853

1853 March 26th Capt Fitzgeralds practice with his overseers to If they Carry there themselves with horses & hand under him while he is overseer not to charge any thing but corn toll etc meal & meat,- that he finds

28th Went to Mr Jno D Hunts fine day —

29. Sewing Oats & fencing Corn field fence & finished, fencing at Lot - fixing for Lynchg. went to Mrs McCullocks her waggon goes too Sent Fed to Millers Mill 7½ Bushels corn Sent by Jacob to Mr J B Nowlin for 1 Bbl Plaster 2 or 300 lbs of Guano, 4 Bales Cotton 25 lbs Bro sugar - no C & 1 Do no 12 & a little runlet of whiskey to Mr Cobles for 20 yds Cotton cloth & ½ Bbl allum water - to Colo Smith to Sell my Tobacco & Mrs McCullocks –

30st waggon gone to Lynchg this morning Fed Halling wood out of new ground balance Raking & fencing Jordan part of day plowing & Bushing in Oats Black cow with first Died calf

31. Raking & Halling wood Jordan Plowing for Oats at Mr Neals — Rolled Logs 2 heaps to day

April 2nd Waggon got back last night a little in the night while it was raining Heavy Thunder & hard Rain in 3 days, from Lynchg Card Lug Hhd & some Loose [s?]

6. Turkeys & 10 Doz Eggs & Jacob got cheated out of $1.50 in Selling Turkeys, & bot 1 pr Hams paid Henings for doing up Cates Bonnet last fall pkw & [ab ?] Bot of DK Hunt 3/9- we have been sewing Oats at Mr Neals, coltering in new ground burning Logs Heaps raking etc etc 16 Lambs to this day

3 Raining this morning sewed only 3 & 4 Bus at Mr Neals yet, ground too wet to finish [Pied?] Had a cow calf Thursday 31st March & Dundenah Jerrys young cow with her first Calf Died on wednesday

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