February 10, 1853 - February 24, 1853




1853 Febr 10 Henry Jordan & Sandy Plowing
Jacob malling malissa Picking [G?]
Kitty fencing alse shelling corn fine weather,

11th Fencing Plowing malling & Halling
wood, sent for my new wagon body
Sent 2 Large cow skins & 1 kip skin to Mr E
Lewis to carry to Doss s Tanyard to Tan at
Green field, & we have also 2 large skin
cow sent to Jefferson & Reeses Leesville

12 Malling & cutting wood to burn Plant
Bed Plowing & Haling wood – fine weather

13 Fine day windy in evening & cooler

14th malling Fencing & Plowing this day
quite cool this day —

15. my wife gone to Mrs Hunts to night
Burnt & sewed Plant Bed above House &
got done by night Jordan & sandy Plowing
Raining at night a little & Hailing,

16 Striping tobacco in prize Barn Raining,-

17th Jacob & Lowry halling wood for Mr Neal Henry
Fed & Sandy malling Balance fencing around
Johns field, cleared off & fine morning not
very cold,- my wife not got back yet —

18th Jacob & Fed malling 3 Plows running. Balance
fencing, cloudy & like for falling weather -
I went to Capt Gilberts.-

19th Striping Tobacco in prize Barn
Rained in morning & then Snowing till night
disperate day very cold, indeed no wood

20th cleared off & fine morning –

21st went CH & striped Tobacco —

22nd Jacob gone to Farris Mill 2 Bus wheat forflour
Balance all Halling leaves cloudy & like for Rain
began to Rain about night & Rained all night

23rd Striped Tobacco in prize Barn etc etc

24th Fencing & malling alse Swingling flax very
cold & windy —

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I can't make out the word in second line: What is Malissa Picking?