Friday, January 4, 1918




A clear colde day.
Ben moved the stove from
the barn to the cabbin
in the woods and cut
wood fixin for a dance.
Josie baked some cakes.
I killed and cooked two
chickens. Josie made
sand witches and carried
up there. Hellen and Virginia
has bin here all day.
Elsie and Bulah
come in here. Elsie gave
me some candy and Bulah
gave oranges. Virginia gave
me a box of candy.

I hope they may enjoy the
dance. I had rather they
had not had it but nothing else
would not do. I am a fraid
that there is so many there
that they cant have a good
time. I am so sleepy that I
hardly can write.

11 30 oclock

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