Saturday, March 2, 1918




A good day.

Ben and Owen hauled stalks
this morning then Ben went
to Charles and worked on
his corn house until twelve.
Come home for dinner.

This evening he plowed the
colt in the garden then
got the locus stump up that
was in the yard.

Josie and I burnt some
brush that was in the garden.
Mrs Hubbard was buried
this evening. None of us did
not go to the burial.

8 30 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

I assume these are tobacco stalks being hauled. Nowadays tobacco stalks are plowed under, I gather. What about then? Would these actually be corn stalks for animal feed?

Neil Brumfield

At that time, the tobacco was cut instead of being pulled and the stalk was split and hung over a tobacco stick. They could have either hauled the tobacco stalks away from the pack barn where the tobacco had been stripped from the stalks, or hauled corn stalks to the stable for cows and horses to eat.