Wednesday, March 13, 1918




A cloudy day and some
rain. Ben and Owen and
some of the neighbors worked
the road that the mail carrier
travels. To night Ben has
gone to stay at Charles
. He [is] very sick.

Josie washed this morning
and made Edna a dress this
evening. To night she is
sick. I got dinner.
I went to Marvins this
evening. All four of the
school teachers went to
spend the night at Mr
Willie Mayhews

Marvin Smiths plum tree
is white with bloom. I am
a fraid that the fruit will
get killed.

8:45 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What do you think "worked the road" in this case means? I think she's referring to SH 761, as that's where the mailbox was located.

Neil Brumfield

The road was dirt and very doubtful that any gravel or rock was used for the road surface. After a long rainy spell, the road was probably rutted from both the horses and wagons and the automobiles and trucks. Once the road was dry enough to be worked, the neighbors would have used horse drawn scoops and drags to smooth the road surface, fill in the ruts and maybe reestablish some drainage. Note that they worked the route of the mail carrier; so if you weren't on that road or roads, shame on you.