Wednesday, May 22, 1918




A good day. Ben finished
his tobacco land to day now
he is ready for rain.

Mrs Edmons come this morning
and staid a few hours.

Alma Bennett come here
last night. She made
Paul two shirts to day.
Josie and I both had a
hand in the dinner.

We planted two rows of
tomatoes this evening.

I got one doz aster plants
today. Effie Brumfield sent
them from Richmond.

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What is an Aster plant?

Mary Ann Brumfield

Asters are daisy-like flowers that bloom in late summer and fall. They are grown from cuttings and from seed, and are still available from Burpee and other sources. Colors are generally shades of purple, lavender, and pink.