Tuesday, August 6, 1918




A clear day and very
warm. Ben finished curing
his primings to night.

Paul suckered tobacco. Mr Owen went to the mill
did not get his grinding.
Josie washed the breakfast
dishes and ironed and got
dinner and washed the dinner
dishes and ironed most of the
evening. I got breakfast and
called them to eat then
I milked three cows and watered
hogs at three different places
then I gathered some butter
and helped to shell them. Then
fixed the milk ready to churn
then cut a bucket of cucumbers
then churned fixed to wash some.

After dinner I washed a bout
40 garments then put the
cucumbers in brine and salted the
butter and fixed it ready for use. Then
rested a while then milked eat supper and
helped wash dishes and ready to go to bed.

10 oclock

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