Monday, September 16, 1918




A good day. The men folks
moved two curings of
tobacco and cut two rooms
of green tobacco.

Josie picked up some apples and
got dinner. I churned and picked
some beans this morning. In
the evening I went to Marvins
a few minutes and picked a
few more beans then went to
the tobacco ground and helped
to load the waggon and to the
barn and helped to unload so
as to hurry Ben and Paul. They
wanted to go to Altavista and I
did not want them to be late.

Josie had supper ready when we
got to the house. While we were
eating, Denia come and brought
me a pan of light bread.
I certainly was glad of the
bread. Was sorry that Denia
had so much trouble but I do
appreciate it.

9 oclock

Ben and Paul and Josie are at Altavista tonight.

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