Wednesday, November 6, 1918




A good day. Ben and
Mr Owen went to Gretna and
solde their tobacco. It solde
very well. They got home a while
after twelve eat dinner then
went to the saw mill and
got a load of lumber.

Marvin and Carrie went to
Altavista this evening. Mr Mayhew
and Rena went with them
also Virginia Harvey.

Josie went up there and kept
the children. They left Hazel
at home. Josie says that they
done fine. I went up to
Marvins a little while then
come home. Henry come with
me. We shucked corn enough to
feed on to night and in the
morning. Ben has gone up
to Marvins to help hunt a
mink that killed a chicken this

8 oclock

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Ben W. Brumfield

I assume that this Mr. Mayhew is Willie Mayhew since Rena Mayhew is Willie Mayhew's sixteen-year-old daughter.