Sunday, December 29, 1918




A clear colde day we were
all at home this morning.
Charley Hutcherson came here a
little while this morning.

I went to George Blairs and eat
dinner. They had a fine dinner
turkey & olde ham and everything
else that it takes to make a good
meal. They had a lot of company
Ben & Josie and the children
eat dinner at Carries. They had
a good dinner - old ham & custard
& cakes of several kinds
Ben & Marvin went to Gretna
to meet Miss Snead. She is
at Lees to night. Whit
was buried this evening
8 o'clock

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I have to admit I'm curious as to what all it *does* take to have a good meal. Besides the meat, that is.

Ben W. Brumfield

The only other time I've seen her speak so highly of a meal was Sunday, February 17, 1918. She does often comment on vegetables, especially if they're the "first we have had this year" or the "last we will have this year". A page I transcribed yesterday involved topping strawberries for preserves.