Monday, February  4, 1918

Monday, February 4, 1918

A clear colde windy day. Ben cut some in the woods. I got dinner. Josie sewed on her quilt. This evening she went to Marvins a while. Come home and fed the chickens and calves. Brought water. I staid by the fire all the time that I could. I am hookin a mat don't know yet a bout finishin it.

Henry is still improving hope he will soon be well.

9 45 oclock

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Tuesday, February  5, 1918

Tuesday, February 5, 1918

A clear and very colde morning. Some what cloudy tonight. Ben cut in the woods in the morning.

He went to Strait Stone this evening. Josie went with him. They went on the waggon and carried some chickens. Marvin Smith went to see Charles. Said he was feeling some better than he had bin. I do wish that the weather would get good so that I could get out some.

Josie made the fire in the stove this morning. I got breakfast. Josie got dinner.

9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, February  6, 1918

Wednesday, February 6, 1918

Clear most of the day and warmer south wind blowin. Ben shod the horses this morning split wood some this evening. Josie got dinner. I killed a chicken this morning.

This evenin Josie fixed a box to be solde at Strait Stone School House. To night Ben and Josie went down there. I hope they may get on OK it is a dark and dreary lookin time to me.

I am here with the children. They are all a sleep now.

8 40 oclock

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Thursday, February  7, 1918

Thursday, February 7, 1918

A clear good day.

Ben hauled feed and wood. Josie got dinner.

I went to Marvins and spent the day. Marvin went to the mill.

I hemed on Carries babys pieces. I enjoyed my visit so much.

I got a letter from Bruce and Thelma to day. Ben and Josie got home from the School House this morning just be fore one oclock. They said that they had a good time.

9 oclock

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Friday, February  8, 1918

Friday, February 8, 1918

A clear morning cloudy this evenin. Ben hauled some wood this morning.

Cut feed and sawed wood this evening. Marvin Smith and William Gilbert helped him. Josie swept the yard some and got dinner.

Some man passed here today and a greed to take the cow that I bought from Marvin. Johnson Reynolds colte is here tonight. He went to Gretna today. Have not heard how tobacco solde to day.

9 oclock

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