Saturday, September 27, 1919




A good day. Ben worked
on his car most of the day.
I ironed some & got a
snack for dinner. Josie was
sick this morning.

Just at night to day
Lizzie Bennett and Faber
and Ola Jefferson come.
They had bin to a picknick
at Whittles. They brought
enough things already
cooked for our supper
and even some of the things
was for Carrie.

I made my supper of what
they brought and did enjoy
it. Ben amd Faber went
where they some one was
hunting but did not stay
long. I am so glad to
hear that Brother Letcher is
improving some. Hope he may
get well a gain. I am glad that
Lizzie and the children come.

11 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

I can't tell whether the line "just at night today" refers to Josie's feeling ill or whether it tells when Lizzie et al. came to visit. Any thoughts?

Ben W. Brumfield

I think it certainly describes when Lizzie Bennett and Faber and Ola Jefferson came to visit, since it seems to make more sense, and since she let so much space after "sick this morning".