Thursday, October 9, 1919




A cloudy day. No rain to
do any good. The men worked on
tobacco. Ben went to Mr Bailis
this morning. Jim Moon carried
him. They went to see a bout
getting a school. Also went
to Gretna to see tobacco

I went to Marvins a little
while this evening. Carrie was
mending overalls. She was
complaining of rheumatism
in her knee.

Rees brought me 10 eggs
to night.

Franklin staid at Marvins
all day. Henry & Edna went
to school.

Ben & Jim went to the
barn to night and have not
come back yet.

9:15 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

If it weren't for the crossed T, it would be quite easy to resolve this name to Mr Bailiss, who is often spelled without a second s. I'm suspicious that Julia accidentally crossed her L here, but can't quite be sure.

Linda Tucker

I came across a 1921 reference to a Dodson Bailiss.