Thursday, October 16, 1919




A good day. Ben carried
Lady cow to Odie Kellies
the went to Cedar Forest
to see [?] Patrick.
He let me go with him
and fish. I caught several
cat fish.

Willie Mayhew brought our
tobacco to Gretna from Danville.

I got supper tonight
after dark. The children
had made a fire and brought

8:30 oclock

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Ben Brumfield

I'm completely unable to resolve ?a?ity Patrick. The initial letter, while obviously a capital letter, might be a capital C, or B, or P, or T, or G, or something else. The third letter looks like a cursive R, but doesn't match Julia's usual style of R, which can be seen on the same page in the words "Patrick", "Brought", "Gretna", "from", "dark", "Cedar", "children", etc.

I really don't know what to do with this.

Ben Brumfield

A Henry Patrick is mentioned two days later on October 18, if that might help us with the context for this mysterious Patrick.