Sunday, November 16, 1919




A bright day. Ben carried
Mrs. Car home this morning.
Josie & three of the children
went two. Jim and I went
to Marvins and eat dinner.
Henry went two after dinner.
Henry & Reese and Paul went
to Ren Worshams.

Rees went to Strait Stone
on his wheel.

Jim & Marvin went to a crab
apple tree. Jim had the
children bite them. They
thought it fun.

All have gone to bed so
I guess I had better go.

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

"On his wheel"? What do you suppose she meant?

Ben W. Brumfield

Could he have had a unicycle? Also, what's going on with the crab apple tree?

Neil Brumfield

Speculation: Julia would have been familiar with the high wheel bicycles of the 1870's. These had a very large front wheel. In the 1880's, the most popular bicycle was made by the Western Wheel Works (Wiki)> I suspect she refered to any bicycle as a wheel. A unicycle might be a rough ride over a four mile dirt road.

Neil Brumfield

Neil Brumfield

Jim had the children bite them (the crab apples - which are very sour) they though it fun.

Neil Brumfield

Henry trades his wheel for a typewriter - Jan 1, 1921