Saturday, November 29, 1919




Cloudy this morning & some
rain this evening. Jim hauled some
this morning. Ben & Josie
went to Strait Stone this
morning. I churned and stayed
with the baby. She did not cry
while they were gone.

Josie got dinner. I went to George
. Got there as the men
folks come from work. Denny
was there. He had bin hunting
all the morning.

Denia and I went to see
Mrs. Allen. She is very feeble.
Mrs. Kellie & Mrs. Strange was there.
The narce is a nice lookin
lady. They are having a time there then[?]

9 oclock

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Ben W. Brumfield

I think the last sentence might be "They are having a time there then", but that doesn't make much sense.