Tuesday, January 7, 1919




A clear colde day

Ben worked on Owens house most of
the day. Josie done a big washin.
I staid with the children and
got dinner this evening. Ben and
Josie went to Jim Powers
Rufus and Max Car is visiting
their mother

Miss Snead left Lee Brumfields
to day. Charley Hutcherson
carried her to Gretna. That
is what Lee tolde Josie
over the phone

8 30 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Mary Ann Brumfield

There were telephones at Renan, VA in 1919?

Ben W. Brumfield

It's interesting -- apparently Lee, Marvin and Ben all have telephones. I'm guessing the Reynolds do too, since Johnson Reynolds changes Marvin's phone out in January 31, 1918.