Thursday, January 16, 1919




A clear day.

Ben & Jim worked on Owens
house. Josie got dinner and
straitened up the cook room.
Washed & filled up the lamps
and made some candy.

I went to see Mollie this
evening they were all well
up there. They had heard that
Clifton was sick. I hope that
he may be well soon.

Josie started to Danville while
I was there.

Marvin pulled down his olde
barn today. Ben & Josie was
asked to a dance tonight. They
did not go.

Jim and Ben & Josie are
playing cards tonight.
I think they had better go
to bed.

9 o'clock

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Neil Brumfield

The person that started to Danville may have been "Posie" not Josie as she played cards with Ben and Jim which caused Julia's primitive baptists feelings to show in the last line.