Wednesday, February 5, 1919




A cloudy day. Ben & Jim
put tobacco in the pit this morning.
Ben & Owen helped Marvin
kill hogs then worked on a plant
. I went to Marvins
and staid with the
children while Carrie got dinner
and made her sausage.

Marvin got 4 little pigs for
him self and one for Wren Worsham.
I have wrote a letter to
Lottie Craddock to night.
I am so sleepy I can't keep
my eyes open.

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Sara Brumfield

Wonder what kind of sausage Carrie made?

Neil Brumfield

My first answer was pork sausage, but, then, that is loose, ground up raw meat. For that time and place, there were no refrigerators or freezers (nor electricity until 1938) so from a hog killing of say 4 hogs, probably in excess of 100# of sausage. The only technique I am aware of for preserving the sausage would have been to have cooked it and canned it in glass "mason" jars. I know this was done for tenderloin. I am not aware of any thing similar to the Tx or LA smoked sausage links nor the LA technique of cooking meat, putting it in a lard bucket and covering the contents with hot lard. Further information could be requested of Aunt Jettie or Mabel.