Friday, February 7, 1919




38 Days Past 327 to come

A good day. Ben & Jim
and Owen hauled some feed
for the cows then stripped
tobacco until twelve after
dinner. They tramped a plant
bed. Ben mended his fire
place then we all stripped
tobacco. Josie got dinner and
ironed. The children Henry
and Edna went to school.
Franklin come to the barn
to tell us dinner was ready.
Reese come this morning &
brought me some little aprons
to work the button holes in.
Mr Mayhew come at twelve
to get Ben to phone for the
doctor for Mrs Mayhew.
Tonight Ben and Josie has gone
to a dance at Mrs Gravelys.
To night a pedlar come and
wanted to stay all night. Ben
would not let him. I was sorry
for him.

9: o'clock

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Ben Brumfield

What does it mean to "tramp" a plantbed?

Ben Brumfield

Donnie Rowland writes: "Tobacco seed is one of the smallest seeds. After sowing people used to take a 1&6 or 1&8 board about 3 feet long, nail it to a pole and use it to tamp the seed like you would use a cultipacker."