Sunday, March 9, 1919




Cloudy this morning. Clear this
evening. We all staid at home until
dinner then Ben went to Mr Dews
to try to run his new car.

Jim went to Marvins Wren
& some of the children
come to Marvins.

Doris and Emit & Aubrey
& Floyd Reynols was
here a while today.

We heard today that Ola Jeferson
has a daughter

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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John Cusey

I think I may have made a royal hash out of this page. I'm not sure if I got the name Aulena Brumfield correct (it certainly doesn't sound correct), and I don't know how Doris and Emit relate.

Ben W. Brumfield

On line 4, I think the reading is "to try to run his new car", but that last letter looks a lot like an X.

Ben W. Brumfield

On line 8, I'm pretty sure that the third letter is a B rather than an L. "Aubrey" is a common name in the area/family, but I don't see a clear Y at the end of the word.

Ben W. Brumfield

This is the same car that Mr. Dews bought on March 7. Perhaps he doesn't know how to drive? I have no idea what sort of car you could buy in 1919.

Ben W. Brumfield

According to Bright Leaf, the "daughter" mentioned is actually a boy: Carey James Jefferson.