Monday, April 21, 1919




A good day. Lizzie was here
this morning. She went to Carries
and eat dinner. Ben & family
and I went to Creasys fish
. They drewed the water off.
They caugh several nice fish
and a lot of turtles.

I came back to Marvins and eat
dinner. Josie come up there &
the children. They had an egg
and had some nice
candy. Lizzie and I went
to Johnson Reynols. Mollie was
not at home. She & Robert
and Christenie & Janie Brumfield
had gone to Jim Thomsons.

We went to see Nanie a while.
Mrs Yeats was at Posies.

Jim Brumfield come home
this evening.

Ben & Mr Mayhew went to
Gretna this evening and got
Bens wire for a fence.

10 oclock

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