Saturday, May 17, 1919




Cloudy most of the day & a
little rain. I woke up at three
oclock this morning. Got up at
half passed four. Made a fire
and went to the spring and
then got breakfast fried fish
and ham. After breakfast I
milked two cows and fed the
calf then put on another dress.
Ben carried me to Mr Dews.
They carried me with them to
Long Island fishing. We did not
catch any thing worth haveing.

Mrs Dews had a nice dinner.
They were all as nice & good to
me as any one could ask. Brought
me as far as Mr Owens on my
way home. I certainly do thank
them for their kindness.

Josie & Nellie was here to get
dinner and attend to things.
Ben went to the mill this

10 oclock

[Ink smear] I went to sleep.

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