Tuesday, June 10, 1919




A good day. The men folks
worked on their tobacco all day.

I washed a little this morning.
Josie got dinner. She had
croped [?] greens and beets, onions &
potatoes and tomatoes and pies.
It was all good but
worked her two hard.

This evening I went to
George Blairs. The girls were
seeding cherries. Denia & Mrs
was gone to see
Ethel Worsham. I come by
Carries. Josie was there. We seeded
some cheries.

10 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What are "cropped greens"? As opposed to wild greens, perhaps?

Neil Brumfield

Aunt Mabel may need to be consulted on this one but I think you're correct and the cropped greens would have been turnip greens as opposed to creasy salat or poke salat that was picked out of the "wild".