Saturday, June 14, 1919




A good day. Some clouds
this morning but no rain here.
Ben finished cutting wheat
at Marvins and at home.

Josie has had the tooth ache
all day. I got dinner.

This evening Marvin let Paul
carrie me & Henry
to White Falls. We come
with Robert Reynolds as
far as Renan. Paul brough
me home.

Gordon and Frances
and Earl & Lizzie Bennett
come down here this evening. Lizzie
is with us tonight.

Henry and I had a good
time if we did not catch
many fish. Robert stopped at
Alice Thomsons and got the
ice cream freezer.

I had two invatations from
the grand children to be at
their graduations, one in Chatham
and one in Richmond.

Ben and Josie went to Renan tonight.

11 oclock

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