Thursday, July 3, 1919




A good day and very hot.
Ben raked up his hay.
Jim and Owen plowed. Josie
ironed this morning. Carrie
come this evening and brought
all the children. Josie &
Carrie went after berries.
Found the cow in the corn.
They got some berries &
lots of chickers (dont know
how to spell them). Josie made
plum jellie this evening.
I got up the onions this
evening. Henry and Paul helped
me put them in the buggy
up stairs.

Mrs Hutcherson started to
Richmond this morning. I do
hope she may come home a

10 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

Her reference to "chickens" and not knowing how to spell the word is puzzling. I wonder if she means chinquapin nuts, a type of chestnut. The crop would not ordinarily come in until early autumn, however.

Ben W. Brumfield

It's doubly puzzling because it's hard to read the word she wrote. Is it "chichers" or "chichens" or "chickers"? Would any of these be things you gather with berries?

I suppose she could be referring to chiggers/redbugs.