Wednesday, July 23, 1919




Cloudy most of the day but
no rain. Ben went to Strait
Stone this evening and got
roofing for the barns and ice cream freezer.
Owen went some where and got
some pigs.

Josie got dinner. I went to
Johnson Reynolds. Julia Fergerson
was there and Cliftons wife &
came this evening.

Mollie Reynolds went to see
Mrs Hutcherson. She is mighty
feeble. Paul Bennett come from
Chatham to day. Marvin did not
come. Kate went to Strait
this evening. Reese Smith
carried her. I walked to
Reynolds and walke most every
where else that I can.

Oh that I could help my self.

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Did Owen get figs or pigs? Look at the f in "feeble" or "Clifton's wife" and the p in "help myself". It's really hard to tell.