Saturday, August 16, 1919




A good morning. Rain tonight.
Jim and Ben & Henry
suckered tobacco all day except
what time they worked over
the sick horse. We hope he is
some better tonight.

Josie and I have bin very
busy all day. Josie made
preserves & jellie of the damsons
that she got from Powers.
We made a pie of part of
the peaches that she got yesterday
and caned the rest of them.

Jack Harvey come over
here a while to day. While he
was here Miss Alice Wooding
and Miss Annie Carter
come a few minutes. We cut
a fine water mellon while they
were here. Julia Fergerson
went back to Portsmouth.
Julia did not come to see
us while she was at home.
Marvin and Carrie went to the
baptizing this morning.

9 oclock

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