Tuesday, August 19, 1919




A good day. Jim & Ben
saved [?] tobacco leaves. Paul
& William Gilbert
helped and Rees Smith and
two of the Owen boys
and Henry all handed leaves.

Josie got dinner.

Mr Tup Walker & Nellie &
Evylin Brumfield come to
day. This evening Charles and
Virginia Harvey come. I was
very glad to see them and
Charles indeed as he had
bin a way so long.
Glad he was lookin so well.

The men folks is at the
barn yet and little Henry
is with them.

10 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

What word could she be using for "S??ed Tobacco leaves"? It involved a lot of people handing leaves. "Saved"? "Sewed?"

Neil Brumfield

I think saved is correct. Tobacco harvesting also included "pulling" (removing the loose leaves from the stalk in the field and "cutting" (earlier process of cutting the entire stalk and bring it to the barn where the stalk was split and hung over a stick to cure).