Wednesday, August 20, 1919




A good day. Jim & Ben
cut a house of tobacco for Jim.

Josie got dinner. She had
snaps and chicken, potatoes.
Nellie made some preserves
of damson that Mrs Edmons
gave her.

This evening Miss Tredway
and Miss Creasy & Tucker
come to see Evylin. Did
not stay but a few

Nellie & Josie gathered
snaps and tomatoes for
tomorrows dinner.

Carries baby is sick. I do
hope that she will soon be well.
Tonight Henry went to the
barn by him self after
dark. Edna has a bad
colde tonight. Hope she may
soon get over it.

I got a basket of sweet
for Franklin. Brought
them home & washed them.

Clock not runing.

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

Can't tell if the "for" in the last entry is a preposition or conjunction, so wasn't sure how to punctuate. Your thoughts, Ben?

Linda Tucker

Never mind. I just realized that Pat would have been very small, so he clearly didn't bring home the yams!