Thursday, January  1, 1920

Thursday, January 1, 1920

A good day. Ben & Jim hunted some & put poles a round a plant bed.

Nellie went to see Mag & Kate. Edna went with her, Thelma and Mary & Evylin was here tonight. Ben and the girls went to Mrs. Gravelys to a dance. Josie got dinner. She had chicken and potato salid.

Tonight Denia & Isla Blair come and staid until bed time. We were glad to have them.

11 oclock

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Friday, January  2, 1920

Friday, January 2, 1920

A clear cold morning wind and a little snow this evening. Ben & Jim ground their axes this morning. Josie & I got dinner.

Ben carried Nellie and Evylin to Gretna this evening. I went with them did not suffer much with colde. Josie had supper about done when we got home.

Tonight Thelma & Mary and Ben has gone to Lee Brumfields to a dance. Mary and Thelma went to George Blairs,

9 oclock

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Saturday, January  3, 1920

Saturday, January 3, 1920

A clear cold day. Ben went to Mr Edmons and killed his horse that got his leg broke. Jim & Owen and Ben cut and hauled some wood. I got the most of the dinner. Killed a chicken. Josie baked a cake this evening. Thelma & Mary has bin with us all day today. I held the little baby the most of the evening. 9 30 oclock

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Sunday, January  4, 1920

Sunday, January 4, 1920

A cold day. Snowed some to night. The wind is blowing and very cold. I got up this morning and made two fires and went to the spring then got breakfast. Ben carried Thelma & Mary to Long Island this morning on their way to Richmond. I hope they are there now. Josie staid at home and got dinner. I went to George Blairs. They had a nice dinner. Kate Harvey spent the day at Carries. Marvin carried Virginia to Gretna on her way to school. 9 o clock. A fire in Danville last night.

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Monday, January  5, 1920

Monday, January 5, 1920

A clear cold day. Jim & Ben cut wood in the woods. We got dinner today at twelve oclock. Josie went to Carries a little while today. I kept the baby. She was very good. I cut a feww peices for a quilt. Josie washed & ironed a dress for Edna.

Henry & Edna went to school. It was very colde on them.

8 oclock

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