Friday January 14, 1921




A very bad day. Hail & rain
and sleet. The ice was so heavy
that some trees broke. The olde
cut paper here broke badly.

Jim and Ben stripped
. Ben milked for me
this morning. I was a fraid
I might fall on the ice.

I got dinner and churned.
Mr Sam Owens baby is
very sick. Josie went up
there this evening. I am sorry
for them but cant help them.
Marvin solde tobacco at Gretna
today. Was well pleased. I am
so glad. I have not seen any
of Marvins people in some time.
Hope the weather will soon be
better so I can get a round.

Mabel has woke up. She gives her
mother a hard time.
I pittie Josie and the baby.

9 oclock

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

The reference to "cut paper" is confusing to me, so I may not have punctuated this correctly. I'm not sure what goes with what. Any ideas?

Ben W. Brumfield

It looks like some trees are breaking "the old cut paper here". However, determining the predicate of the sentence doesn't help us much in figuring out what a "cut paper" might be, does it?

Linda Tucker

On Feb. 12, Julia refers to the boys cleaning up the remains of "the cut paper tree," so apparently these two sentences read as they are punctuated.