Tuesday January 18, 1921




A clear colde day. The
children went to school.

Jim and Ben was at Gretna.
They staid all night at
Chatham with Jims family.
Come to Gretna and got
breakfast and solde their
& come home. They got
home a bout dark.

Solde reasonably well I think.

Josie & I cut rags some
today. Josie went to Marvins
a little while this evening.
Mabel was good to day
for her to be.

Heard today that Mrs Jack
was buried Saturday.
I guess she will be very much
missed. I found Henrys knife
and 5 cts in the shucks.
I have not tolde him yet.

Ben gave me a pair of overshoes
to night.

9 oclock

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