Wednesday January 26, 1921




This morning the ground was
covered with snow. It has bin
cloudy all day but no weather.
Jim and Ben stripped tobacco.
Mr Owen & Luke went to
Gretna with a load of tobacco.
It solde very well. I have
felt sorry for them to be out in
such weather. I hope it wont
make them sick. Henry went
to school. Edna had a colde
and staid at home.

I got the most of the dinner.
Josie sewed some on her
quilt. I milked the cows
and fed the calf and chickens.
Brought 4 buckets of water
and did not fall down. I
am a fraid to do what I might.
We did not see any of Marvins
folks. Guess he is stripping
all that he can fixing for

10:15 oclock

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