Thursday January 27, 1921




Snowed a gain last night. This morning
was very colde. Ben milked the
cows for me and fed the calf.
Jim and Ben stripped
. Henry did not go to
school. He made pathes a round
to several places. I fed
the chickens and brought
some water. I have 18 little
chickens for the hawk I am
a fraid. We cooked dinner
in the dining room by
the fire place. Wood is
scarce for the range.

The little baby has bin
very cross. She has a colde.
I hope she wont get sick
and they can all keep well.
I beg for strength and
patience to stand what I have
to. The children dont treat
me as they should I dont think.

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Ben W. Brumfield

The only other time Julia mentions making "pathes" is on a snowy day in 1918 when Marvin makes them. I suspect this means shoveling snow.