Saturday February 5, 1921




A cloudy day. Jim and Ben
and Owen shucked some corn
and toated stalk to the cows
then stripped tobacco. Hattie
washed some here today.
Josie got dinner & supper.

Made a place for little
chickens and mended some
this evening. Josie went
to Carries. I staid with the
children. Annie and Ta??ie
come. Brought the
suit case home. I have got
a very bad colde. Hope it
will be better soon.

I am so near a sleep
that I cant write much.

Notes and Questions

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Ben W. Brumfield

Annie Doss could be Mary A. Doss, 19-year-old daugher of James Doss in the 1920 census. She had a younger (10-year-old) sister named Fannie, who might be the "Ta??ie" we can't read.