Monday March 7, 1921




A good day. Ben sowed grass
seed. Jim planted things in the
garden & a potatoe patch. Josie
sowed for Franklin most of
the day. This evening I went
to George Blairs. Denia was not
at home. I had a pleasant time
with the girls. I stoped at
Mr Hutchersons. Mrs Mayhew
was there. I am glad that she
is able to get round that much.
I enjoyed being with them.

Kate Harvey come to Marvins
and her and Carrie come here.
I am sorry that I was not
at home. Marvin went to the
for a phonogapt for Carrie
and Josie. Ben and Josie have
gone up there to night and I
dont know when they are coming
back. Mabel stayed a wake until
after nine oclock. Marvin solde Jerrie [Jennie?]
to day.

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