Sunday October 2, 1921




A good day. We all staid
at home until after dinner
then I went to Johnson
. They were eating
dinner. The preacher, Mr
and Mr Hankins,
Jim Thomson & family,
Posie Reynols and family.

Josie and Ben & the
children went to Jim
Thomsons then come to
Reynols. They brought me
home. Jim Brumfield
staid home all day.
I went by Marvins.
They were all up and
a bought.

Notes and Questions

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Linda Tucker

Don't know whether the preacher and Mr. Keef were one and the same person, so wasn't sure how to punctuate that. Anybody know?

Ben W. Brumfield

I agree that it's ambiguous. I suspect that its position in the list means they're different people.