Wednesday December 21, 1921




A good day. Jim hauled some
chaff this morning. This evening
he shucked corn. Ben worked
on the dineing room floor this
morning. This evening he went
to Strait Stone. I went with
him. Kate Harvey come this
morning. Kate and I dressed
4 turkeys. One for Jim, one
for Marvin, one for Josie, and
one for Kate. This evening
Marvin come and got his turkey
and ham boiler. He had Hazel &
Eva with him. I went with him
as far as Reynols mail box and
walked home. Mollie Reynols
was not at home.
Hattie Gilbert washed here today.
The wind is blowing to night. I
reckon they will all blow of the
line. Heard today that Mrs Jessie
Hutcherson has a son. There is a lot
of travlins done today. The school closed today for holiday.
Ben[?] has gone to the school house to night.

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