Friday December 23, 1921




A good day. The land was
covered with hail and snow but
it nearly all melted before night.
Ben & Jim did not do much of
anything this morning. This evening
Ben carried Jim to Gretna on his
way to Chatham to spend the
holidays with his folks. Josie and
Henry went with them. They got home
in good time. They bought several
things. Among them they got some cow
feed. I am so glad of that. Ben is
in the basement not trying to stain
the floors. Josie made me a nice
apron tonight. I am glad of it. I got
several Xmas cards from the
grand children & friends. I killed
4 chickens and dressed them ready
to cook. Two for Jim. Heard to
day that Oscar Brumfield is sick.
Hope he may soon be well. I do hope
that Mabel will soon be well
a gain.

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