Saturday December 24, 1921




A cloudy day. Rain tonight.
Ben went to William Gilberts
this morning and carried some
things for them that Carrie sent
and Josie sent some things two
for their children. Henry & Ben
hunted some this evening. Did not
get any game. We boiled some
ham. I boiled the last of the
hogs feet. Josie baked a cake.
She ironed all the morning.
Irvin Harvey come this morning
and got their cow & little calf.
The children has bad colds.
They cant hardly wait for
Santy to come. They are a
sleep now all but Henry.
I guess he is a wake.
Well I am glad that Xmas is
here. Hope nothing bad will happen.
I got a nice box of candy from
BlacksBurg today & a letter from John
& a card from Julia Fergerson.

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