Friday, January 20, 1922




A cloudy day & some rain.
Raining tonight. Ben & Jim
stripped tobacco. The children
went to school.Ednacome
home with the head ache.
I hope she will be well in
the morning. Mabel has
as well as we could expect
today. I have mended some thing
today. Josie sewed on her
quilt what Mabel would
let her. Josie got two
letters today. One from Carrie
one from Ella. All of their
people were well. We heard
today that Miss Anna
Wilborn died this morning.
Will be buried tomorrow at
Strait Stone.

Notes and Questions

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I am not sure about the first word in the last line - I am unfamiliar with the placename and the handwriting is difficult for me to make out. Sorry!


Corrected transcription spelling and punctuation according to diary. Proofread.