Friday, February 17, 1922




A colde day. Partly cloudy.
The ice did not melt but very
little to day. Ben & Jim
sawed up the weeping willow.
Today the weather is so bad
that they cant do much. Ben
made some foot stools.
Walker Haris [(Col)?coloured man] brought
the chairs that he had to put
bottoms in and a basket
good but rough. Henry
went to school. Franklin
was croupy last night.
I think he is better though.
I had a letter from
Carrie today. They are all a
bout but not well.

Notes and Questions

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Corrected and edited per standard. Proofread.


I changed 'chains' to 'chairs' and added 'coloured man' beside Julia's abbreviation 'col'. Walker Haris has been doing some recaning for them.