Sunday, March 26, 1922




A good day. Ben fixed the
gate to the flower garden.
We were glad to have it made so
we could go in the garden.
Jim moved his pig to the
pasture today. Mrs Car
went home this evening. Ben
& Josie and all the children
went. They did not go in at
Mr Powers. Most all of the
Powers people are sick. I
heard a gun shot tonight.
We heard that a mad dog
was killed. S[h]ot near
Lee Brumfields.

There has bin more passing
a bout today than any Sun[day]
since Xmas. Looks like
rain now.

Chris Tenigs Reynols was here today.

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top of the page upside down:
[???] Reaynolds was here today.


Note at top of page: Chris Tenigs Reynols was here today.

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