Monday, May 15, 1922




A good day. The boys [hunted?] cut worms most of the day. Mr Mayhew helped them get off some big rocks. Josie got dinner this evening. She went to the plant bed and cut salit for dinner tomorrow. Tonight she is broke down. Went to bed. Did not eat supper. I have [bin?] up most of the day. I churned this morning and milked two cows this evening.

I wrote two letters this morning one to Willie & one to Carrie. [Henry?][?] worked on Edna a [Do?] to day. The children went to school.

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Poke sallet: n. a type of salad made from boiled greens (usually pokeweed). Spelled variously salat, salit, and similar variations.[from wikipedia entry for Appalachian English]


From what I have read, in times past, pokeweed was sold in some eastern cities in the spring before other greens became available. The young greens have to be boiled in a couple changes of water and I have seen a recipe that then fries the boiled greens. Since she mentions the plant bed, she may be referring to a bed of turnip plants and the greens were turnip greens or turnip salad. When I grew up near there, I ate a lot of turnip salad which was available in a home garden year round.