Thursday, January 4, 1923




A colde day partly cloud. Jim and Ben stripped tobacco There has not an automobile passed here today. Mrs. Booker come a few minutes this evening. The children went to school Josie has bin easy most of the time Today Mabel put on shoes and stockings Etta Gilbert come this morning She washed the dishes and swept the floors That was a lot of help to me milked and churned cooked dinner washed dishes and then ?oded a while Then ironed some
I am so anxious to hear from Marvin's folks and want to hear from Nellie I am a fraid some of them are sick There is so much sickness about now

Notes and Questions

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I could not make out one word that I rendered as ?oded. The context was housework and I cannot think of a suitable verb. It might be "nodded" since the woman was probably tired. I rendered her first name as Etta and think that is correct.