Friday, January 5, 1923




A beautiful day The boys strpped tomacco Mr Booker helped them This evening Josie has been bad off all day. Mrs Booker cooked and brought her dinner She eat what she could and was glad of it. Kate Harvey come to see me today I was very glad that she come. Etta Gilbert helped me was dishes this morning Kate washed them at dinner and Henry helped me tonight I had the longest nest this evening that I have had this year Kate churned I worked the butter and ???nted it The children went to school Harvey got in wood and Edna brought water.
Franklin wont work if he can help it

Notes and Questions

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I could not make out two words, the verb after she worked the butter and the noun after longest. It could be "rest" but I could not find a leading r with which to compare it.


I now think that she "Printed" the butter meaning that after making it into some shape, she pressed a wooden mold onto the top surface.