Sunday, January 7, 1923




A cloudy day. Rain tonight. Jim went to John Hutchensons and eat dinner. Henry went to Sunday school and from there to Jim Power(?). Grace Brumfield come today and brought Josie some custard and
nice boiled meat. She helped me get dinner. Josie is very bad off tonight. Grace staid all night. Grace is very helpful. Fanny Power(?) come tonight (?). I was glad to see Fanny. There is a lot of sickness a round at this time. A darkey at Ren(?) Worshams died last night.

Ben and I picked some salit from the garden today. I made
some soup for dinner today.

Notes and Questions

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I cannot make out the surname that I rendered "Power". The capital letter hints at being a P and is not the T that she used and the last letter resembles and n as much as an r. I cannot recall every meeting a Power in Halifax county. Also Ren is a guess and may be an abbreviation. A check of the 1920 census records might clear this up if the editor does not immediately recognize the people.