Monday, February 12, 1923




Cloudy all day. Rain tonight. The boys killed two hogs and
John Ward one. Mr. Booker helped them. The children went to school.

Hattie Gilbert washed here some of the the clothes ?? so that we could take them in. Most of the are hanging on the line taking the rain.
I got a letter from Mrs. Carr saying that Max had got hurt and wanted he to come to him. I guess she is out there now. I heard from some of the sick today. They were getting on very well. Jack Harvey has gone home. He did not come to see us. I want to see Virginia but can't get there.

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She may have been very tired when she wrote this since there are a couple pronouns with the wrong gender plus in the bit on the clothes, there is something that I can't make out. In Halifax County, I have seen people hang clothes in the rain to rinse them.