Thursday, May 17, 1923




A cool windy day. Jim
and Ben worked on their
tobacco ground getting it
ready to plant.
I baked a pudding and got
a few strawberries for
dinner. Have not done
much of anything this
evening. I have not felt
well all day.
We did not get any mail
today. Thre was a wreck
between Lynchburg and
the island.
Jim went to Renan this
evening. Heard that they
had sent Mr. Tiny[?]
Shelton to Stanton. His
mind has got bad.
Henry calls. He has gone
gigging. All the rest
has gone to bed.

Notes and Questions

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From the context, it appears that Mr. Shelton was sent to Western State Hospital ( a mental institution) in Staunton, VA. Note that Julia omitted the "u". Although it does not show on Gooble maps, a portion of the Roanoke River running along Pittsylvania and Halifax is locally called the Stanton or Staunton River. This is reflected in the name Staunton River State Park which is at the juncture of the Staunton and Dan Rivers.